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  • Waveform Analysis

    In this update we present a model-based and experimental analysis of the flow profiles of the MIT E-Vent for different patient conditions, incorporating ISO standards.

  • Afghan Girls Robotics Team

    We excited that the Afghan Dreamers, an all-girls robotics team based in Afghanistan, has been inspired by the MIT E-Vent work and are building their own version. Congratulations to Roya […]

  • Bench Testing & Key Specifications Update

    Testing a prototype medical device is critical and we have posted details of the testing that we perform in the lab, on the bench, to detect potential mechanical, electrical and […]

  • Alarms Update

    Good Morning from Cambridge! The List of Alarms has been updated to clearly include the threshold conditions. Sorry that these were missing! These should now match the released code.

  • Controls Update

    Along with the code release, on the Downloads page, we have updated the High Level Controls page by adding a signal waveform showing the critical timing and duration parameters that […]

  • MIT E-Vent Code Release

    We have finally opened access to our prototype code GitHub on the Downloads page. Please consider this only as a reference to understand our system operation. As a small team […]

  • MIT Team Background

    Today MIT News featured the E-Vent project. In this article we share more detail on our backgrounds and philosophy. We remain hard at work and more material is coming as […]

  • Spiro Wave Launch

    New York City – Today the Spiro Wave ventilation device made its’ debut! This is the first system inspired by the MIT E-Vent to receive EUA approval, on Friday the […]

  • Congratulations to team Coventor!

    Working together the University of Minnesota Medical School and Boston Scientific Corporation received official FDA EUA notification as of April 14, 2020. The current list of EUA approvals is available […]

  • NIH, Design Spreadsheets, Plumbing Update

    We have just posted the UK NIH’s guidelines for a Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator System to Resources. Two simple design spreadsheets are now available in Downloads for gear tooth loading and […]